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John Wray.jpg
Kenlon Johannes

Executive Director

Jerry Bambauer


Ohio Soybean Council

John Wray

Vice Chair

Kansas Soybean Commission

Keevin Lemenager.jpg
Keevin Lemenager


Indiana Soybean Alliance

Tom Adam.jpg
Tom Adam


Iowa Soybean Association

Board of Directors

Eugene Goering, Nebraska Soybean Board

Davie Stephens, Kentucky Soybean Board

Kevin Cox, Indiana Soybean Alliance

David Niekamp, Illinois Soybean Association

Jason Frerichs, South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council

Alan Moore, Michigan Soybean Committee

Kenneth Moore, Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board

Chuck White, Iowa Soybean Association

Robert Alpers, Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council

Alternate Board Members

Brent Steinhoff, Nebraska Soybean Board

Ardon Wek, South Dakota Soybean

Tim Scates, Illinois Soybean Association

Corporate Member

Mark Luecke, Prairie AquaTech


Affiliate Representatives

George Goblish, American Soybean Association

Virginia Houston, American Soybean Association Staff

Robert White, United Soybean Board

Bill Bayless, United Soybean Board Alternate

Philip Lobo, United Soybean Board Staff

Courtney Knupp, USSEC Staff

Alan Poock, WISHH Staff



Ginny Tauer, Executive Assistant


The Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) works to create new opportunities for soybean farmers within a growing domestic market: aquaculture. SAA funds programs and research that increases the utilization of U.S. soybeans in the diets of fish and shrimp through affiliations with academic and private researchers and industry leaders. SAA is governed by a volunteer board representing U.S. soybean farmers and industry members. Membership is open to Qualified State Soybean Boards and public and private entities in the soy, aquaculture and seafood industries.

Soy-fed aquaculture opens unprecedented opportunities to:

• Feed a growing population with the most feed-efficient farm-raised protein

• Build a lucrative domestic market for fish growers and soybean farmers alike