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FEEDING NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Aquaculture Nutrition Forum
Soy Aquaculture Alliance hosted a virtual forum to bring together experts from the agriculture and aquaculture industries for a discussion on the use of soybeans as a replacement protein for fishmeal in fish feed. What does research say about adding soy into fish diets? What challenges do companies face implementing soy? How can the industry balance feed costs, availability, and sustainability? How does soymeal affect fish feed nutrition?

Watch as we tackle these questions and more!

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Paul Brown 
Professor of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Purdue University

Vikas Kumar
Assistant Professor, University of Idaho

Kenneth Overturf

Research Geneticist, USDA

Peter Fritsch

President, Rushing Waters Fisheries

Sebastian Belle
Executive Director, Maine Aquaculture Association

Jason Mann 
Director of Nutrition, Riverence

Courtney Knupp
Focus Area Director-Animal/Aquaculture Feed, USSEC


Research Panel

Industry Panel

Nutritionist Panel

Sergio Nates
Executive Vice President, Prairie Aquatech