The Soy Aquaculture Alliance hosted a webinar to discuss Seed into Feed: How Soybeans can Feed Aquaculture on Thursday, June 30 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. There were opportunities to ask questions from our panelists about their perspectives on the future of soybeans and aquaculture.


Our goal was to have attendees learn more about how feed companies plan to utilize soybeans in replacement fish meal, why aquaculturists want to feed soybeans, and the producers making it all happen.


This webinar is sponsored by Kansas Soybean Commission.

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Easton Kuboushek
Executive Director,
Soy Aquaculture Alliance



Kevin Fitzsimmons, Ph.D.

Director of International Initiatives, Research Scientist, and Professor, University of Arizona


Hannah Lucas

Business Development Manager - International,

Benson Hill

Jerry Bambauer.png

Jerry Bambauer

Farmer and Secretary,

Soy Aquaculture Alliance

Past Webinars


Feeding New Opportunities: Aquaculture Nutrition Forum

June 2021
Soy Aquaculture Alliance hosted a virtual forum to bring together experts from the agriculture and aquaculture industries for a discussion on the use of soybeans as a replacement protein for fishmeal in fish feed. What does research say about adding soy into fish diets? What challenges do companies face implementing soy? How can the industry balance feed costs, availability, and sustainability? How does soymeal affect fish feed nutrition?

Aquaculture Systems and Soy Inclusion Rates

December 2021

The Soy Aquaculture Alliance hosted an hour-long discussion on how different technologies, such as ponds, raceways and RAS systems, can affect soy inclusion rates. Watch as we strive to understand how systems differ, how diet formulations can be addressed and how soy inclusion rates are understood based on the various systems.